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Basically I'm going to tell what I will be doing in the next few years ahead.

Firstly, I'm leaving IBM on the end of the first semester of 2013, leaving me some time to finish stuff and start preparing myself for the trip.

It will be a lot of exercising and less eating (not that I'm fat, but I will have to get as thin as I can and see how much time I can survive with minimum food). I will be studying fauna and flora and some historical facts from the countries all over South America. Get some training on protecting myself (body and mind).

[The Trip]
It will be next to the end of 2013, I will backpack through South America. It will be probably me, my camera that I will buy (a really good one) and my huge-ass backpack.
Refer to this map now:…
Right now, the closest place to me is São Paulo (southeast), I will start going south first, passing through three Brazilian states (south region, the best one) and finally reach Uruguay where I imagine I will spend a little time since I still do not have much information for it (just the best meat on Earth!). Next I would go to Argentina, Buenos Aires, there I would spend a good time since I want to get into
a lot of museums and lectures, and stuff. Then go south of Argentina, it will be the roughest part I believe since it's a desert, the driest on Earth. I will try to reach the bottom of South America. Less details now, after reaching "Rio Gallegos" (hey, it has my second name!) I would starting going back, NOT home, but north again, straight to Chile.
Then it would be Chile > Paraguay > Bolivia > Peru (Macchu Picchu!) > Ecuador.
Not going to Colombia, it's really dangerous in there. This is the final steps of my journey, I would start going back to Brazil from the North to Northeast and starting going South until I reach my city. Ta-da! (if you didn't get something, tell me and I will explain).

- I will study a lot and have every essential thing on my backpack.
- I probably won't be alone all the time, there are LOTS of people who do that, and MAYBE a friend of mine will go.
- It will last 1 year and 6 months to two years, I don't want more or less than that.
- My Spanish is poor, but since Portuguese is really close to it, I won't have much trouble learning it.
- I will have a really good camera with me all the time, so expect some amazing pictures in the future! (If I'm not robbed)
- It will be mostly on foot and taking lifts, sometimes I imagine I will have to spend days in the wild, getting food out of it and enjoying life as it could have been in the past.
- I will try NOT to die, but my chances have never been so high.
- I will be sleeping in hostels all across the continent, meeting every kind of people.
- I got a nice quantity of money, but I have no problem in working in a place for a month or so just to pay off debts and go on with my trip.

Not at all, I can't remember the first time I said I would go into the wild, but it has always been in my veins and I feel that now is the right time to do it. If people say that I'm wasting my time doing it, they are just ignorant, I don't know how I will get my parents to understand it (I will tell them like 5 months before I go) but all I want in my life is this trip.
In my daily life, I have no wish for new stuff, I don't remember the last time I bought something that was not food. I just want to grab the most of what life can offer, and understand it, understand myself, feel the essence of life.

Watch "Into the Wild" and you will have an image of what I will be doing, of course mine will be much more dangerous.
  • Listening to: The Fray, Muse, Jason Mraz, fun., etc.
  • Reading: Walden
  • Watching: Parks and Recreation
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Water and juices
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Dancing-Jebus Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
Sometimes I get bored, and I just want to travel around Australia.

Get onto that pre-planning! It'll help a lot.
xWoliex Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Must be awesome some places in Australia, you should take pictures!

Just in a year I will be able to start planning and getting myself fit for adventure, right now, just a guy in front of his PC.
Dancing-Jebus Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012
There are a lot of nice places, but for now it's time to focus on uni. So when I'm a pilot, I'll be able to fly around and take myself to awesome places to take pictures then.
xWoliex Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012  Student Digital Artist
WHAT? WHY DIDN'T YOU SAY IT BEFORE? In the future, when I get the chance to meet you, you will HAVE TO take me to the sky.
You want to pilot small planes or boeings?
Dancing-Jebus Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2012
Small planes to begin with, then when I can even get considered by a large airline, I will apply to become an air transport pilot.
But, my main goal is to become an acrobat pilot, and fly acrobatic stunts.
xWoliex Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist

don't die and make sure to make some advertising for me.
Dancing-Jebus Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012
hahah I won't die, that would be most unprofessional of me.
And sure, I'll go paint a plane with "Woliex" on it.
(I skip the first x when I read your username in my mind, I don't know why."
And paint a demented strawberry on it.
xWoliex Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
People always skip it, but I don't know why they do not skip the last x, it's more decorative like x Wolie x, it's better than just Wolie. But it always end up people calling me Woliex in online games, I explain at first but they usually make fun of it, I have to accept. It's rare when people call me Wolie, it's always the best moment of the game.
lol, and you just reminded me that I have to change it. maybe this weekend since I do not work!
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EndouHemel Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist's really a wonderful idea! But I can't help to feel anxious about all this. And yes, please bring a friend who will be willing to go with you. Going alone is never a good idea wherever you are.

I know this is early but don't forget to get medical checkup and immune shots as well. Was this all on a whim or did you really have an idea to this sometime in your life?
xWoliex Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I did a lot of medical checkup already, blood is fine! Just a 0.5mm (don't know how to call it) stone/rock in gall bladder, but it should not be a problem right now. And my GOOD cholesterol is a bit under the line, but just need some exercising, for it I need time, so yeah, next year.

I searched for a site where you track your backpacking places and people that are interested just send a message and go with me, and I've talked to a lot of people who did it before (not as long as I'm going to do though) and they said it's relatively easy to find people backpacking too!

Green is my favorite color since when I was a kid. When traveling I would sometimes cry looking at landscapes, tears of joy and liberty. So I just grew up controlling myself to stay on track. Now that I have much more liberty than before, I feel that this is the right time. I am not much of a family guy, must be due to the way I was created, but I still love my parents, but I won't let them make choices for me anymore, it's been really difficult to follow their path as it is something I do not want to. (not saying that I will live in the woods or stuff)
EndouHemel Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yea, go exercise and build up stamina. You will need it to run from crazy people and wild animals so you can go further without feeling too tired.

Oh! Interesting! A site where you can track backpacking places. Sounds so great! And you can upload photos as well, right?

It's awesome you can decide to go backpack :) I've thought of something like this but more like a drive around the country. But yea, it'll take a lot of courage and security to be able to do something like you're going to do. I won't be able to do it. Nope, no way.
xWoliex Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Student Digital Artist
ahahaha, yeah! you will see stamina flowing in and out of me. I will need a lot of stamina when reaching Chile.

will upload every possible image I take!

Haha, yeah, it takes a lot of courage, that's why I'm expecting all of my friends giving up in the last moment (the ones I've invited), because once you're own your own, everything you had before will be different, it's like starting a new life. And yeah, to go on a quest like this, first thing you need to understand is that you will suffer a lot, but it will be worthy.
EndouHemel Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha yes. success is never without hard work and suffering!
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